"Our wine is the actual Dokdo island." The idea of creating Dokdo Wine was initiated in 2007."


After 3 years of immense research, full-hearted dedication, and perseverance; we are finally able to release it to the general public. Although the process was incredibly difficult, we are pleased to have spent such a great amount of time and effort because of our hopes that consumers will enjoy and appreciate Dokdo Wine and the principles behind it. There is a great variety of wines in the world with very self-defining qualities to them. 

Our Dokdo Wine sets itself apart from all the others not only because of its taste and quality, but also because of our philosophy. We know how much pleasure comes from drinking wine with close friends and family. In that way, part of our philosophy is that wine should be shared and enjoyed by all. 

Another important aspect of our wine is the actual Dokdo island. For as long as we can remember, there has been much controversy over the island and the ownership of it. Instead of appreciating the beauty of Dokdo, the world has been too busy fighting over it. If you ever took a visit to the island, you would automatically know why it is such a shame that we are neglecting to recognize its majestic scenery. 

We were inspired by this ideal while creating the wine. We wanted to create something that represented Dokdo and our passion towards it.


History of Presidents, 

2020-2023 Ryan K, Lee

2015-2020 Chris Cho

2012-2015 Robert Shawn Denkler

2011-2012 Dr. Jaehyun Ahn

2007-2011 Emmanuel Lee