799-805 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir


“Blend of two clones”
The 2010 799-805 Pinot Noir was made from grapes grown in the Russian River Valley in the Sonoma county, California. 799-805 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir was de-stemmed and loosely crushed to maintain as many whole berries as possible as it was transferred into tank. The juice was allowed to cold soak for several days prior to inoculation. Following primary fermentation, 799-805 Pinot Noir enjoyed more than 6 months in French Oak prior to bottling. 799-805 Pinot Noir bright, cherry notes are complemented by nuances of strawberry, cocoa and subtle winter spices. The lush ark berry flavors and bright acidity linger on the palate in this wonderfully balanced, food-friendly wine.

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